Bee Cart

Bee Cart

Bee Guides Bombus and Borage have left the Hive with the Bee Cart – their mobile world of interaction and surreal but true information exploring all things Bees and Pollination. Developed from our acclaimed touring installation-show HONEY, the Bee Cart is an exciting, accessible walkabout theatre piece for audiences of all ages. Commissioned by The British Science Association.

Bee Guides Bombus and Borage are from a secret government organisation called The Human Union of Pollinators – preparing for the worst but hoping for the best with their mobile world of interaction, Bee wisdom and surreal fun. Delve into the world of Bees, learn the pollen packing dance, the waggle dance and try out their Buzz Pollenator or their Flapper-Winger-Tronerators, meet a giant Varroa Mite, and maybe even get your nose pollinated! Suitable for all the family with rave reviews from festivals, environmental, food and agriculture events, schools and museums

The Bee Cart has been developed and toured extensively with support from The Co-operative Plan Bee. It was commissioned in 2009 by the British Science Association.

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