SEED – is a highly visual and technically ambitious poetic, anarchic & inspiring hitch-hike on the journey from small Acorns to great Oak Trees presented by Pif-Paf .

The work is a thoroughly researched and beautifully fantastical exploration of our relationship with the long suffering plants that keep us fed, sheltered and breathing. It is staring down the barrel of climate change, seed gene patenting, monocultures and species after species of tree falling beneath this onslaught.

It is the visual and movement theatre story of Wilford – one of the unseen – as he scrapes and digs and blasts the seed holes and co-opts the water and food to feed his charges. It’s a story of pulsating plant beats, pneumatic theatrical explosions, flying soil and water, resource liberation, live music and a giant tree growing out of a shed.

The set up of the show is the recently arrived pottering shed – on wheels – to suit a renegade seed smuggler. It looks and smells like it’s been dragged backwards through Burning Man and kept on doing its job.

Into this shed Pif-Paf condense the ground breaking theatrical wizardry we have been developing for high profile collaborators and turn it to our story as the tools as Wilford’s trade. With them he creates the illusion of wreaking havoc on the show site and weaves us into his tale of contraband cultivation, his struggles, his enemies and his joys.

The happy truth we are sharing in all of this is that we can all act and the willing audience will leave us with the where-with-all to start their own forests, one seed at a time. We just needed someone to believe in.


Performer & co-creator – Pete Gunson

Directer & co-creator – Eleanor Hooper

Music & co-creator — Jack Stoddart (Ramshacklicious)

Movement direction – Fran Widdowson

Design & make –  Pete Gunson, Eleanor Hooper, Annie Nelson, Stuart Gunson, Johnny Eastleigh & Chris Woodward

Promo Film – Sort of Films


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