Flycycle & Submercycle


Pif-Paf’s Flycycle & Submercycle from Pif-Paf on Vimeo.

Pif-Paf presents the Flycycle & Submercycle; 

Come away with us on a journey of your wildest dreams, aboard our famous travelling machines, The Submercycle and The Flycycle!  

Choose a travelling companion, find the Departure Lounge and we’ll take care of the rest. We take two at a time and dress you in hats so sublime. With Captain Bigshot, you’ll fly up, up and away, crossing continents in turbulent adventures, or dive under the sea with Captain Calypso, encountering denizens of the deep. Under the sea or high in the sky, all ages are welcome. Together we’ll weave unforgettable stories.

This Cycle-based Street Theatre is suitable for most weather conditions outdoors, or indoors (in a large space).  These travelling machines are a guaranteed crowd puller.


Lucky passengers, reach the front of the boarding queue and step into the VIP departure lounge, where Valerian your air host will meet you. He will search your imagination for a dream trip and robe you in appropriate glamorous attire for your chosen journey!

It is now time for boarding the amazing flying machine! Valerian will guide you through the VIP veil to meet Captain Bigshot, your talented pilot. After wing beating instructions, tips on how to spin your propeller with the greatest of ease… you’re off!

As you fly to dizzy heights Captain Bigshot’s stories of travel and knowledge of geography will amaze you.  Be prepared for the occasional pocket of turbulence and enjoy the ride of your life in this flight of fancy for two!


Cluster on the jetty with Captain Calypso and her assistant Pearl as they prepare you to take the plunge into the unknown depths of your imagination.

Aboard the Submercycle you can peep through portholes and peer through the periscope to see deep-sea creatures… the north pole… disaster or treasure… or hear the rare song of the blue whale. Make sure you follow the Captain’s instructions closely when collecting specimens with the grabber or turning the propellers as you don’t want to get the bends, shake hands with the wrong mermaid or get sucked into a whirlpool!

Commissioned by the Sheffield Children’s Festival in 2011 (Flycycle) and 2012 (Submercycle)

Have a look at us making SUBMERCYCLE in our workshop.

What people say

“We had the charming and delightful Flights of Fancy at Just So Festival in 2012. As always with Pif Paf’s work, our family audience were drawn into their topsy turvy world like bees to honey. We have had wonderful feedback about how funny, engaging and exciting the children and their families found it. The main problem Captain Bigshot had was trying to escape at the end of the the session, as so many were crowding round for their chance of an adventure aboard the flycycle or submercycle. Brilliant!” – Rowan Hoban, Just So Festival Director

“Pif-Paf’s Fly-Cycle and Submercycle was a hit with all ages at the 2011/2012 Festival of Light in Huddersfield. The audience loved having a ride on this strange cycle.  Pif-Paf were great with the audience and gave much more than we had asked for.  They were especially good with teenagers who were intrigued by the inventions and Pif-Paf’s performances.  There were lots of happy smiling faces.  I would definitely use Pif-Paf in the future.”

Huddersfield Festival of Light

“I loved the flycycle, it was mind blowing, it felt like you were actually flying – we got very high indeed”

8 year old boy, Sheffield Childrens Festival


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