Right To Play


Right To Play is a new project mixing theatre with play. It starts from Article 31 of the UN Convention on the rights of the child. It aims to inspire us to overcome the barriers to play ourselves and create worlds through play with our families and communities.

We are delivering an “Action Research” program over 2024 – building a prototype adventure playground and working with communities to discover how to play their diverse games on and around it and build this into an irresistible narrative.

The show will be developed into a full touring project with the completed narrative and top notch art direction but still full of room for young and old to express themselves, build their own play spaces and be heard and celebrated.




Right To Play!
Can we turn giant bamboo poles, a big stack of play mats, and some big bits of rope into an Adventure Playground? Yeah we can! 
Once we’ve made the playground can we fill it with games and stories and songs? Yeah we can! 
Can we have a brew and a biscuit and do a craft activity when we come down with all the family? Yes we can!
With support from Outside Arts we were at four playgrounds over the Easter Holidays building different Adventure Playgrounds and gathering and sharing playground games and challenges. Images above, Credt: Steve Pool.
With support from Flux Rotehram we will have 10 more days of developemnt ahead across Rotherham Between May – Septmerber, cehck our dates page for all details. Come and join us, all ages and abilities welcome – don’t forget your appetite for play and adventure.