Moths At Work – Moon

Moths At Work – Moon

Two Moth Electricians Touring the streets, your festival or event alongside their mobile cart of wonder (complete with Moon on a stick!) gathering and sharing out Joy and Light.

MAW Moon was developed from our hugely successful MAW Lightbulb, originally commissioned by Stellar Projects and Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council in December ’20.
However this version of Moths At Work is uniquely able to perform along pavements in residential streets with the impact and interactivity to reach audiences exactly where they live as well as travel around festivals and events without the need of road closures.

The show works all year round, in streets and at events celebrating the decor, gardens, window dressing and smiles of families and individuals who come to their door steps or meet us out and about. At dusk and after dark the costume and Moon illuminate and add to the visual affect of the show as the performance roams.

It was designed to be Covid safe and with its small team and quick set up we think it is legal in a lockdown situation or any government restrictions.



We have full standard and Covid RAMS.

If working in the Community:
We can set up in 20 minutes – kerbside or in a car park – out the back of our van. We perform either 2 x 1hr or 3 x 45 minute sets with breaks. We pack up in the same time.
MAW Moon is best performed between 3pm and 6pm for most effective family interaction.
We need a banks-man/stage manager for the entire time we are on site and timings must be discussed with regards to facilities required.

If in a Festival or Event we need you to provide:
Space to roam
No power required
Van access onto the site for the get in/out and parking within 5-minute walk (LWB van over 2m high).
A banks-man /stage manager for performances and a further marshal for set up and in-between shows or a space to leave the Moon away from public.
If at an event access to a warm, clean and secure dressing room away from the public but within 5 minutes walk of the performance site, with refreshments
2 x single B&B accommodation (TBC)


The Build:

Developed from original MAW Lightbulb commisisoned by Stellar Projects and Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.

Concept : Eleanor Hooper

Performers : Pete Gunson, Katheleen Yore, Natalie Bellingham, Charlie Hammond & Natasha Holmes

Costume design : Eleanor Hooper, make and details by Imogen Singer

Cart Design and lead : build Pete Gunson, build assist Jack Poole and Roscoe Blevins. Inflatable build : Sarah Jane Palmer


For all Moth’s At Work – Moon up and coming shows please see our Dates page. 

To book, or for further information, please get in touch.