Moths At Work – Lightbulb

Moths At Work – Lightbulb

Two Disco Moth Electricians Touring the streets in a giant inflatable light bulb gathering and sharing out Joy and Light.

Originally commissioned by Stellar Projects and Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council in December ’20. Moths At Work is able to perform along residential streets with (road closures) or at events and festivals. Ray and Flash (The electricians) play uplifting tunes, dance and roam across drives, lawns and festival sites. Audiences of all ages have loved their cheeky cheer.

The show works all year round, in streets and at events celebrating the decor, gardens, window dressing and smiles of families and individuals who come to their door steps or meet us out and about.

It is designed to be Covid safe and with its small team and quick set up we think it is legal in any lockdown.


The Light bulb is a road legal Electric Assist Pedal Cycle (EAPC) with a regulated power output, effective brakes, front and rear lights and pedal reflectors. It has 12v lighting and sound systems. There is a back up structure in case power to the inflation of the light bulb is cut.

In show mode the Trike moves along the left hand side of the road, pulling in if traffic wishes to pass. The foot based performer works on the pavements and drive ways. When interacting with public they have a 3m long prop that gathers the light and joy and keeps them socially distanced.

We have full standard and Covid RAMS.

We can set up in 40 minutes – kerbside or in a car park – out the back of our van. We perform for 2 x 50 minute sets with a break. We pack up in the same time.

We need 2 performers and a banksman/production manager. 2 further marshalls are useful.

Roads must be 30mph speed limit or less, largely flat and used for access only. Peoples front doors must be within earshot of and visible from the road.

If a group that exceeds the current limits gathers we cheerfully ask them to disperse (which they always have done) or we can go into “transit” mode and move away down the street.

We move at approx 0.6mph, audinece is gatherd by the noise and by us calling them if they have not appeared. Often neighbours ring each other.

By performing 4.30-7pm, families are at home together and have capacity to get to the fornt door or window to enjoy us.


The Build:

We will update this section with our thoughts on scratch building the very complicated tricycle and all of its systems.


Originally commisisoned by Stellar Projects and Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.

Concept : Eleanor Hooper

Performers : Pete Gunson and Adam Chiv Charvet

Costume design : Eleanor Hooper, make and details by Imogen Singer

Vehicle Design and lead : build Pete Gunson, build assist Jack Poole and Roscoe Blevins. Inflatable build : Sarah Jane Palmer

Initial production management : Sammi Gabb


For all Moth’s At Work up and coming shows please see our Dates page. 

To book, or for further information, please get in touch.