Something To Hold

Something To Hold

The original ideas and concept for Something To Hold, with fantastic images. Find out more about the the final touring show here
Something to hold is Pif-Paf’s fresh new look at our place in the world around us. With storms on every horizon we have to look to each other for a new way of doing things.

This is a fast paced adventure as three souls fly through imagined landscapes, doing all they can to pull themselves together.
Everything seemed so clear as the three souls supported each other but what happens when the cracks start to appear, when inner demons manifest and turn them on the ones they used care for?

What will they do? What would we do? Will we offer our neighbour Something To Hold?

Something To Hold is a story built around a set that comes alive as the characters support each other, a thrilling new circus art form on a light weight aerial masterpiece, a series of images and moments building into a unique adventure of circus and object theatre.

Development has been supported by Arts Council England, mac, The Puppet Centre Trust and Blue Shed
Images and video by Sort Of…Films