The Clock Strikes 20

The Clock Strikes 20

Lighting The Legend, The Clock Strikes 20 – Ordsall Hall.

Pif-Paf created the show element of the evening alongside a Lantern Parade led by Fi Smith and fireworks from Walk The Plank. Created especially for OCA the show follows a modern day Galileo and Merope (the seventh  Pliad ) as they meet in the Distance Ladder, Galileo’s invention for communicating with the stars.

The show was on November 8th 2012 at Ordsall Hall, there was a plan for second show in Salford Quays on the 2oth, this has been re-programmed for March as part of the Light Waves Festival, more info as we get it.

On the show the team was:  Alice Ellerby  (performer),  Jeni Barnard (movement devising and direction) Orit Azaz (direction/assembly/mentoring), Tim Britton (projections), Will Lenton (music), Dan Powers (on site production management), Tim Littleford (production assistant), Chris Squire (last minute video editing saviour) and Pif-Paf’s Co-directors Eleanor Hooper (producing, story, video) and Pete Gunson (performer, engineer, producing).

The Clock Strikes 20 was commissioned by Ordsall Community Arts and the Distance Ladder was co-commisioined by  Walk The Plank The show was built in The Blue Shed in Sheffield, photos by Porl Medlock video by Ed Cartledge at Sort of films.