A tall tale of show-off lions, dare devil chickens, death, circus and why it isn’t wise to pick a water-fight with an elephant.

TRUNK brings all of Pif-Paf’s fantastic talents, a beautiful story line full of surprises and twists, enchanting mechanical contraptions and puppets, live music and a genuinely unique aerial dance scene (where a lion chases a chicken of course!) on our mobile trapeze counter-balance.

TRUNK has amazed, tickled and squirted audiences in 2010 in its first year at Zirkus-Plus (Lakes Alive), Medway Fuse, Stockton International Riverside Festival, the Edinburgh Mela and more.

Development Originally commissioned as two different celebratory shows in 2009 The Indian Association of Manchester and Ordsall Community Arts, TRUNK has always been particularly suited to Melas.

The touring show was developed for launch in June 2010. In devising and development we worked with the cast (below), plus Liz Walker (Faulty Optic), Mike Lister (Avanti Display Team), Natasha Holmes (Tell Tale Hearts), Mish Weaver (Stumble Dance Circus) and Gerry Turvey. The cast in 2010 were: Eleanor Hooper (associate director, maker and the Ringmistress), Simon Kerrigan (Lead lion), Will Lenton (musical lion, all music), Dan Powers (technical lion), Kim Heron (understudy lead lion) and Pete Gunson (heavy lion,, company director). The show was continually developed over the tour and we have plenty of new ideas for 2011. TRUNK’s development as been supported twice by Arts Council England National Lottery funding.